Orchard Head Junior, Infant & Nursery School

Parent/Carer Rights and Responsibilities

As stated in Orchard Head School's Behaviour Policy, parents and carers have the following rights and responsibilities in respect of our school community:

Parents’/Carers’ Rights

  • To contribute to the development of the school Behaviour Policy.
  • To expect their child/ren to be safe, secure and respected in school.
  • To appeal to the Governing Body regarding a decision to exclude their child from school (in the case of a permanent exclusion, an appeal should be made to an independent appeal panel). 

Parents’/Carers’ Responsibilities

  •  To respect the school’s Behaviour Policy and the disciplinary authority of school staff.
  • To help ensure that their child follows reasonable instructions given by school staff and adheres to the school rules.
  • To send their child/ren punctually to school each day, ensuring that they are fed, rested, suitably clothed, equipped and ready to learn.
  • To refrain from posting on social media, photos taken in school (e.g. at concerts,) that contain images of other pupils.
  • To refrain from posting content on social media, comments about the school or its staff that could be interpreted by others as defamatory, inflammatory or libellous.