Orchard Head Junior, Infant & Nursery School

Helping your child at home

Getting Ready to Read and Write 

Parents/carers have an important role to play in their child’s progress in reading and writing.  The best start you can give your child as a parent, is to love, care for and talk to him or her.  Talking helps with reading - talk to your child as much as you can about the things you are doing, such as washing, cooking, gardening and shopping.  Talk about the things you did yesterday and today and about the things you will do tomorrow.  Get them to think out loud and answer questions. 

The best way to prepare your child for reading is to sit with your child and read aloud to them the stories they like, over and over again.  Give them a chance to hear, tell and re-tell stories with a caring adult. 

A child’s first experience with reading and writing must be enjoyable.  Share it together.  At all ages, surround your children with plenty of books, particularly those with stories and topics which appeal to them. Encourage them to join school and public libraries.

Help to make reading something that your child will love and enjoy all through their life.