Orchard Head Junior, Infant & Nursery School

PE & Sports Grant Information

PE & Sports Grant 2015-16

The school received a total of £9240 PE Sports Grant for the year 2015-16.

Funding has been used to continue the subscription to Cyber Coach Smart for another year.  This online PE resource has been a hit with both children and staff members for fitness and dance. It also benefits staff during wet play or lunches. In addition, it can be used as an exercise and fitness resource during Breakfast Club or Fit to Learn at the beginning of the day or for the After School Club at the end of the day. 

We bought a more up-to-date PE teaching resource, Rising Stars Champions for years 1-6. Rising Stars Champions comes with 6 books, one for each year and online resources to support teachers and pupils with PE, Health and Fitness activities. It has music, video clips and printable worksheets to correspond with lesson plans. Plans are easy to understand and follow and assessments are computer based and support the school’s assessment format. The resource is easy to use and comes with certificates for different levels of achievement.

There are many activities in the Rising Stars Champions program that can be used which also have cross curricular PHSE and Science links. The Olympics topic in the summer term has allowed lots of the health and fitness aspects to be discussed this year. 

Some of the budget has been used to purchase appropriate equipment for food preparation, which includes food blenders for children to experiment with making healthy drinks or snacks, which links PE to Design and Technology and Science again. School has also registered with the free Change 4 Life scheme, which means that we regularly get booklets and information that can be sent home or used to support different lessons.  

A portion of the Grant was spent on equipment designed to develop gross motor skills. Many children struggle with their handwriting in school and research demonstrates that supporting the development of gross motor skills in the arms, legs, torso and feet helps to develop fine motor skills in the fingers, toes, wrists, lips and tongues. Examples are balance boards, different-sized and textured balls, weighted bean bags, Frisbee Golf course and Frisbees, an obstacle course, throwing and catching resources and benches, etc. As developing handwriting and presentation in books are targets within the School Development Plan, we aim to use physical activities to support this over the next two years. This equipment can also support ‘fit to learn’ sessions.   

Our PE Co-ordinator did a pupil questionnaire, asking the Student Council for their thoughts on how to improve PE. The older children regularly asked for climbing equipment and new trim trail activities. With this in mind, we have spent some of the grant on climbing totem poles, swinging logs and a tightrope bridge, aimed at challenging children’s strength, fitness, agility, balance and gross motor skills as they move through school into the upper team. Combined with the existing facilities for the Lower and Middle Teams, this will facilitate progression throughout school. There may be an opportunity to add a more challenging trail at a later date. 

Old and broken PE resources such as Uni Hoc sticks and goals have been replaced with new ones, along with the purchase of new rugby balls and medals for the Rugby week. This has been money well spent, as the Year 4 children who took part in a PAT hockey event won it and the Year 4, 5 and 6 children who took part in the PAT Tag Rugby event came second. They went on to represent Wakefield at the West Yorkshire Youth Games, where they came seventh out of the ten best school teams in West Yorkshire. This is the first time that we have qualified for this event. We aim to have our children representing the school in more sports next year. 

The purchase of new sports equipment is helping to develop a wider selection of ball games, such as basketball nets and different sized basketballs, Boccia (a precision ball game) and a larger range of dodgeballs. Other new resources include a cheerleading pack of pompoms and a resource book to support an after school club, as many children stated they wanted to attend this type of club.

Many teachers last year stated that was the area they felt least confident in delivering  was gymnastics.  We have therefore invested in specialist gymnastics CPD.  Feedback has been extremely positive and hopefully we will purchase this service again next year for a recap session.